Voice Over Demos

As a voice actor my voice is friendly, helpful, honest, and the all-around guy next door. I have an ear for voices and accents. Companies whom I have performed voice over for Include, Honda, Kool-Aid, Zipcar, Ritz Cracker, Macy's department store, and Spotify.  Designing Digital Ink and AlphaBot  used my voice for a company explainer. On the radio I provided content for WCRX 88.1fm and the radio historical show History of Vegetarianism. I have voiced characters in video games, and animations.

I have my own studio located at my home. My setup includes a Blue Yeti Mic Audacity/Adobe Audition and a laptop. To book my services I am available for work via Voice 123 or Email. I am also represented at Big Mouth Talent a talent agency in Chicago IL. If you want to get in contact with me for a project go to the Contact section on my website or email me at: (automatta428@gmail.com)

Deb Doetzer-"Matthew was a voiceover student of mine at Columbia College. He is a hard working, go getting young voice artist. He has a uniquely comforting voice: like your neighbors son who always helps with your groceries, his voice is warm, friendly and reliable. There's a tone in there that doesn't "sell" you a product but "tells" you the story."